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Who is Eligible to sit For Practice Test?

There is an equivalency test done by students at the high school level to measure their skills on various subjects. Subjects that students require to sit for a test to measure their skills includes math, social studies and language arts that tests their ability to reason. For any leaner to engage in the test they should be able to raise some fees that amounts on average of $ 30 to $ 100 depending on their specific state. Any candidates who is eligible for the test must have been 16 years of age and above.

You should never have graduated from any accredited high school with either a diploma or certificate and any other equivalent documentation. The student undertaking the test should not be enrolled with any other regular high school by the time they are sitting for the test. In advance before the student sits for the examination they should be able to avail identification documents such as a valid passport, driver’s license and identification card of the respective nation.

Consider visiting the examination centers physically to sit for the examination since it is not allowed to sit for the exam in online platforms. To know more about where you ca get the examination centers consider visiting the website of state administrator of examination. You will get to find out more information that regards to the locations and the various requirements to undertake the test. On each subject the student should score an average of 145 marks for them to be declared passed. Once the students complete the examination they receive their results three hours later showing their specific score line. Students who do not attain the required pass mark should retake the subject immediately without having a waiting period. If a student fails the first test on a certain subject they should do three retakes immediately. A maximum of 60 days are the ones a student should wait to re-sit for the exam if they fail the first three attempts.

The first two retakes costs the students $ 20 if they are done within 12 months of the calendar. Retakes that are done beyond the one year period should raise a fee of $40. Students are required to re-sit for the test if the exam they did was beyond January 2014 since they are considered expired. The exams done later than January 2014 are stored in computerized version, hence students can get their pass scores. Students get to receive their transcripts and diploma four weeks later after sitting for the tests. Students are allowed by all exam centers to take some breaks after every test so that they can freshen up their minds and muscles.

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