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3 Reasons Why You Should Drink This New Tea Called Cascara

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea sipper? Now you can have both in one drink. ORAC Beverages now offers an array of flavors of this energizing tea drink.

There are many developments in the tea and coffee industry at the moment, and the newest craze has introduced this exotic discovery. Curious about the latest stir in the tea brewing scene called cascara tea?

You won’t find it widely available for now, but it is definitely on its way to becoming the newest tea sensation. Cascara refers to the husk which comes off of coffee beans and packaged for consumption as tea.

The usual way of processing coffee beans deems the husks mere compost material in the past. However, it was found that there is a way to enjoy a unique flavor produced from making a tea out of these skins. The flavor is somewhat like that of rose hips or hibiscus. For those trying to avoid caffeine, it is good to know that caffeine content is not much.

Besides making a delicious beverage, the process actually reduces the waste created from producing coffee. You will not need to travel halfway around the world to have a taste of cascara tea because ORAC drinks can be ordered from North Dakota.

To help you decide whether cascara tea is worth trying, check out its list of benefits below:

1. Improve your health. Improve your health by consuming ORAC cascara tea. It is rich in antioxidants as well as electrolytes. Cascara tea has advantages toward keeping your brain and immune system optimally functioning.

It also keeps the digestive system healthy and can address issues like gallbladder stones and gastric concerns. Not only that, but it helps in getting quality sleep and relaxation thereby reducing stress.

2. Make skin glow. Because it keeps you well hydrated, your skin will become smother.

(3) Promotes healthy growth of hair. It’s not just the skin but the hair as well that can benefit from the nutrients found naturally in cascara tea.

Try cascara tea drinks by ORAC Beverages. Enjoy great tasting tea while feeling healthy all day long.

Cascara teas from ORAC are a great way to enjoy cold tea, sweetened with some honey.

It is not just about the tea though; the making of cascara tea gives coffee farmers and their families and communities another source of income. Where the husks are otherwise thrown away, some monetary benefit can go to these farmers and keep their circles earning a more sustainable income.

With over ten years of experience in searching for the healthy alternative to high sugar drinks, ORAC Beverages comes out with this new line of cascara tea drinks. The company has been in this business for a better part of a decade. The best thing about it is the antioxidant properties that are found in this new line. It is a wise option for those wanting to get a taste of a delicious and quality product in an age of soda and other high sugar beverages.
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