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Reasons for Selling to Real Estate Investors

You could be faced with various situations that require you to sell your house. When selling the house is the only remaining option, every homeowner would want the process completed faster. However, that is not always the case. Traditionally, selling a home requires that you do it with a realtor. However, there are many shortcomings of using realtors. Some of the shortcomings of realtors are delays, uncertainty, and complex paperwork.

Delay and uncertainty result in frustrations. With investors who buy homes, however, homeowners have a better alternative. These investors pay cash for all their transactions. These cash home buyers will, therefore, not seek mortgages. This ensures that the whole process is completed faster, and fall through risks are eliminated. These cash home buyers offer a faster option for homeowners who want to sell their home.

In case you want to sell your home quickly, a reputable local we buy house company will provide a perfect alternative. You will just need to contact a reliable we buy houses company or complete an online form. The real estate investor will make a cash offer within 24 hours upon submission of your online form. You will then agree on closing after accepting the offer. For a quick sale, the transaction would be closed within 7 days.

You should consider selling to a cash house buyer for certain reasons. Such reasons are as follows.

1. Avoid foreclosure.

When you cannot clear your mortgage, a foreclosure will follow. It is an option for lenders to recover their money back. If you lose the house through foreclosure, it would not be sold at its value. You would, however, stop the foreclosure by selling your house to a real estate investor. Since you will have the deal closed within 7 days, you will get the cash and clear the loan balance.

2. Sell without repairs.

Repairs are necessary when using a realtor. This will result in delay, as well as repair costs. You will, however, not need to carry out repairs if you sell to investors who buy houses. Cash home buyers will buy the house as-is. Irrespective of the condition of your home, no upgrade will be required.

3. No commission.

When selling with a realtor, they deduct some money from the final proceed as commission. The amount available to you will, therefore, reduce. However, a cash home buyer will not charge any commission or fee. The amount you receive is the one agreed on the offer. Therefore, the final amount you receive from a cash home buyer will not be reduced.

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