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Factors to Consider When Choosing Stone Crabs
The stone crabs mainly thrive on the shorelines of Florida. The stone crabs have a harder she’ll when compared to the other crabs. These crabs are also fewer compared to others and that is why restrictions are placed on people who catch them. This ensures that people can get a constant supply of these stone crabs although in small quantities. Stone crabs are prepared diverse ways since each person has a preference on the method of preparation of the stone crabs. When you want to cook the stone crab you need to break the shell with a mallet, lobster cracker or the back of the knife for experts. People usually steam the stone crab and let it cook after it has been in the fridge. People who catch the stone crabs themselves usually prefer to cook the lobster. Individuals love stone crabs because the meat beneath the hard shell is very tasty and also large compared to other crabs.
Stone crab claws are of different sizes and you need to choose the best one based on this criteria. There is the medium size, large size, jumbo and colossal. The restrictions on the stone crabs allows only the claws to be taken. Only the mature stone crabs that have fully grown can be harvested as a whole. The claws are harvested because the stone crabs can regenerate the claws. The tasty meat size depends on the claws size and you can get the mouthwatering meat in large quantities when you choose the large sizes crab claws. The harvesting or cracking season is mainly from May to October. By knowing how to select the stone crab claws by the size you can prepare with some marinated sauce. Stone crabs are a rich source of nutritious elements that we need in our body and taking them every year is healthy for your body. Don’t let the prices deny you from getting to taste the stone crabs and gain the minerals and vitamins.
Choosing the stone crab claws depends on the price per pound of each stone crab claws size. You need to be aware of the prices per pound if each size of the stone crab claws. The price on each pound of crab claws can help you decide on the sizes that you need and the total number of crab claws you will preserve. You will continue enjoying stone crabs for most the year when you make a bulk purchase of these stone crabs.

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