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a Comprehensive Wakeboard Buying Guide

Buying a wakeboard, especially as a beginner requires plenty of familiarising with the various aspects of the wakeboard you would like. The various aspects of a wakeboard affect how an individual performs, hence the importance of paying close attention to them to ensure they meet your respective performance style. To understand the most suitable kind of wakeboard for your needs, read the guide below.

During your selection, wakeboard length is the first aspect you should consider. When determining the most appropriate wakeboard length, you should very much consider your weight and style of performance. Different wakeboards have different sizing guidelines depending on the weight of the rider. Wakeboard that are meant to be used by multiple people should be selected based on the weight of the heaviest rider or the weight of the people likely to use it most frequently. Riders can experience plenty of frustration when using wakeboard’s not lengthy enough to float on sufficiently. Generally, longer wakeboards are a better option for new riders due to their ease of use, enhanced mobility and more control.

Another aspect that should guide wakeboard buyers is their ability level. Depending on a rider’s ability level, there are various wakeboard shapes available. Generally, anyone can ride a wakeboard regardless of its shape, so long as it is lengthy enough. While some shapes make most beginners learning curves shorter, they should never shy away from the more advanced board shapes. Likewise, more advanced riders should never restrict themselves by only riding beginner board shapes. The factor that matters most during selection is size. Choosing your wakeboard should be a fun activity based on personal preference. Hence, always feel free to pursue curiosities you may have about certain shapes, while allowing propensity for great graphic factors during your decision-making.

Generally, newbies, novice riders, casual riders and riders working their way up to more serious riding should go for beginner-intermediate wakeboards. Typically, these wakeboards are very smooth, have three-stage rockers that provide seamless weight transfer. Riders that can cross the wake from either side while maintaining their stability should check out intermediate or advanced wakeboards. While these wakeboards are highlighted by rockers with reduced weight transfer ability, they are geared more towards precision. The more advanced riders capable of doing tricks and spinning on the board should opt for expert or advanced wakeboards. Even though these boards are not as forgiving as beginner and intermediate boards, they are suitable for expert riders by providing them the necessary power and aggressiveness to pull off tricks with precision.
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