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Tips for Selecting a Mattress for Your Weight

The quality of sleep that you get, the level of comfort while resting and the durability of the mattress depends on your weight, that is if you buy a mattress that accommodates your weight. A mattress sinks, wears and tears because of your weight. Explain to the mattress experts your requirements and your weight for they will help you to buy the perfect mattress. Use these guidelines if you are considering your weight when choosing a mattress to buy so that you pick the appropriate one.

A mattress with a medium feel and a firmness level of between five to seven is recommended for a light sleeper who weighs 150 pounds or less. This mattress is also suitable for an average sleeper who has a weight that ranges between 150-200 pounds and needs the medium feel. Choose this mattress is you are a heavier sleeper with 200 pounds or more that prefer a medium feel. The mattress may have these qualities, but if its top layer is dense, it is not the appropriate one because it will be very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Consider buying a mattress that offers a medium feel and boasts of a firmness level that ranges between five to seven if you are a light sleeper who weighs 150 pounds or less. You bed needs it if you are an average sleeper who has a weight that ranges between 150-200 pounds and desires the medium feel. The mattress will enable a heavier sleeper who has 200 pounds or more and desires to experience a medium feel all night long needs this mattress on his or her bed by all means. If you want to be comfortable, please ensure that there is no dense top layer on the mattress.

Get a cloudy feel buy buying a mattress with a firmness level of between three to four because it is soft. You have the right mattress if you have this mattress and you are an average sleeper, with 150-200 pounds weight who wants to feel softness when asleep. The mattress is not suitable for those who weigh over 200 pounds because they are too heavy for it to accommodate hence they will sink into the mattress and have very uncomfortable nights.

Go for a mattress that has a range of eight to nine firmness level if you are a light sleeper who weighs below 140 pounds and require a mattress that is firm when sleeping on. Average sleepers who range between 150-200 pounds and heavy sleepers who are above 200 pounds and require a firmer feel should also look for this mattress. Other types of mattresses do not last as long as this mattress because it is a lot more firm than them.

A mattress whose firmness level exceeds nine feel like sleeping on the hard floor. Your entire body will hurt when you use this mattress. It will also give yo spinal cord health conditions.

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